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Helios - Dark Brown

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Helios Dark Brown Medium Wig for Spiking

Our Helios style is an extremely layered and dimensional Dark Brown Medium wig for spiking. This wig at its longest point is 20", and features a variety of different lengths that make it perfect for shaggy and spiked appearances. The front and sides of this wig are significantly shorter than the back, measuring at 8" long, and are less layered than the back as well. This Dark Brown Medium wig for spiking also features a 2" coin shaped skin top, allowing for a variety of different parts and styles.

Our heat resistant fibers make it possible to style this Dark Brown Medium wig for spiking with heated tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers. Tools reaching temperatures up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit can be used, though we suggest keeping the temperature around 350F as long-term exposure to heat can potentially change the texture of the wig fiber. Our fiber is also tangle resistant, making styling and care an easy job. An adjustable, breathable cap makes this Dark Brown Medium wig for spiking comfortable to wear by anyone regardless of head shape and size, male or female.

Helios Dark Brown Medium Wig for Spiking Dimensions:

  • Cap Size: 23"
  • Length: 20"
  • Bang Length: 8"
  • Skintop: 2"

Helios Dark Brown Medium Wig for Spiking Styling Tips:

The Helios Dark Brown medium wig for spiking is a very unique and versatile style that can be worn in a variety of different ways, making it perfect for cosplay and costuming.

Style Description:
I bought this wig for a cosplay. I initially wanted a black one, but it was out of stock at the time so I got this dark brown. The brown wound up being so dark that it didn't matter, especially after I added hair gel and hairspray, which darkened it a bit. (I needed to use quite a bit to spike it in the back) You can't really tell that it isn't black now - it even looks like a more natural black rather than a straight black which is great especially since I have dark brown hair naturally.

I originally bought some spare extensions thinking that I'd need to make a fake hairline or something in order to pull bangs back away from the forehead (the character doesn't have bangs) - but they wound up being unnecessary. This wig is actually so thick, I could pull it back and slick it down without the front looking weird or the wefts showing! That is AMAZING. I'm deeply impressed. Wish I had a good picture of it to link. Only regret now is that I have no use for those wefts that I bought LOL. Maybe I can sell them or something.

Way to go Epic Cosplay! Living up to your name once again! You never let me down XD
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