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18" Ponytail Wrap - Black

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18" Black Curly Ponytail Extension

This unique 18" Black curly ponytail extension is a method unlike any other to add beautiful length and volume to any ponytail wig. Even though this hair piece is specifically created to be used with our Phoebe and Gaia styles, the possibilities are made endless due to the clever design of this extension. Our 18" Black Curly Ponytail Extension is made to easily clip into your wig the help of a small comb, then be secured with wraparound ties located on either side. These convenient ties can be covered with any hair accessory, or even tied into an adorable bow to make an accessory of its own! The wraparound style of this Black curly ponytail extension eliminates the bulky appearance of typical ponytail clips, creating an amazingly natural look. This particular extension reaches a total length of 18 inches, making it fall just past the shoulders when attached to a wig such as our Phoebe style. Soft and bouncy curls are pre-styled into the extension, however our signature Epic Cosplay fibers make it easy to style the fiber however you'd like using heat.

Due to our fibers being heat resistant, this 18" Black Curly Ponytail Extension can be styled with tools such as flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons heated to temperatures up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit (though we suggest keeping the temperature around 350 degrees, as long term exposure to heat could potentally change the fiber's texture). Our fibers are also tangle resistant, making them easy to take care of and maintain.

18" Black Curly Ponytail Extension Dimensions:

  • Length: 18"

Our wraparound ponytail extension is the perfect way to create a natural looking and voluminous ponytail style. Due to its ingenious design, there's no need to worry about the bulky appearance of a typical ponytail clip. Our signature Epic Cosplay fibers make maintenance a breeze, keeping your 18" Black Curly Ponytail Extension in beautiful condition no matter how often it's used.

Style Description: