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35" Miku Style Straight Ponytail Clipon Set

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*High-Temperature, tangle resistant Fiber
*High Volume, High Fibercount design to create a full and luscious feel!
*Stylable with heat based tools such as Curling Irons, Straighteners, and Blowdryers!
*Tangle and Frizzle Free. Can be brushed with any comb!
*Usable with all styling products such as gels, hairsprays, spiking glue or dye.

Very Long
Style Description:
I just got this wig in today, and I LOVE it. It goes past my knees and I'm 5'7"
Super easy to brush and such a good color
The wig is really awesome! After wearing it for a day, I just shook out the pigtails and they mostly returned to normal, then I just spent 5 minutes brushing out the remaining frizzy bits and flat ironing them before it was as good as new.

My only complaint is that the base wig is a little too short, but I have a massive head, so that might be why it didn't quite let me do those random bits of hair Miku has at the back of her neck.

Also, as a note, I want to point out the pigtails are composed of half shorter fibres (I think about 30 inch), and half 50 inch, and that the clips are smaller than the normal claw clips that come with Miku wigs. It's not a problem for me! There's still plenty of volume.
Just recieved my wig and already love it. The fibers are extremely soft and feel really nice. The wig is easy to brush out and doesn't seem to have any serious issues with tangling! The base wig is thick as well as the clip-ons. The wig could fit someone with a much bigger head size then my own. I really Love it!
I love it! It's so beautiful and soft! Such a lovely wig~
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