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Asteria - Autumn Gold

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Very Long
Style Description:
This is a fantastic wig! I got it for a Rapunzel cosplay, but was worried it would get heavy and give me a headache after wearing it all day. But it was PERFECT! It fit comfortably (and I have a slightly larger head) and I never once felt like it was pulling or sliding off, and I never got a headache even after wearing it all day. It even brushes out easily. This is a well-balanced, comfortable wig.
This is a very long wig. My first long wig. Wearing it in a braid, it was pretty heavy, but it didn't slide off my head, which was very nice. Wore it at a party, doing lots of dancing, and it took only 10 minutes to detangle the next day. Excellent fibers for something so long.
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