Halloween Contest Entry: Ashley as Queen of Hearts

Ashley entered our Halloween Contest with two separate entries! This entry features her beautiful Queen of Hearts cosplay! She utilized our Chronos wig in Black to complete her look! Check out pictures and her story below!
Name: Ashley
Cosplay Handle: Orah’s Cosplay
Location: United States
Costume Name: Queen of Hearts
Series Name: Alice in Wonderland
How it was made!
When I first watched Alice in Wonderland I had always wondered why the Queen of Hearts was portratyed as hidously ugly. Why not have her sinsterly beautiful instead? Thus I started my journey to make a Queen of Hearts that was sinister yet beautiful at the same time. I wanted to have a balance of red and black as those seem to be her colors. So I started with making a skirt and ripping it to streads as if she had been in battle recently, and added felt hearts through out the skirt and as a border. Then I added a corset and a 9 foot black train that I lit on fire to make it seem evilish and add further to my look. The crown was made out of card board, red scraps from the skirt, beads, fur, and many different pearls. Then I made a sceptar out of a dowl rod and paper mache boxes. Finally I added a Epic Cosplay Aphrodite black wig to complete the look, and I loved how it completed it all! This was a fun costume to wear to a halloween party and to school! <3
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