Apex Legends has taken the gaming world by storm since its recent release. Unofficially named the "Fortnite Killer", everyone and their grandmothers have been signing onto this fast-paced and exciting FPS. Think you have what it takes to become your favorite legend? Of course you do! Because everything you put your hands to is uniquely yours and worthy of praise. Let's form our own co-op and get you all the supplies you need!

This sweetheart's double bun up-do may seem intimidating at first, but like a medic, we're here to help! Simply color the roots dark brown on any wig base you choose following our tutorial on YouTube. For a natural hairline, the Scylla in Raspberry Pink is just what the doctor ordered. Eros in Princess Dark Pink Mix is also a great choice if you don't want to invest in a lace front. Follow our tutorials on how to make buns out of non-twin tail wigs. If you'd rather spend more time playing Apex than styling, the Gaia in Princess Dark Pink Mix plus two buns will save you time.

Does she look like Speed of Sound Sonic from One Punch Man, or is that just us? Bringing the bangs forward on an Atlas in Black with a bun made out of wefts will be perfect for achieving her rounded bang part. You can also trim the bangs of an Aphrodite in Natural Black and add a bun in the same color if you don't feel like making your own bun. Just hairspray the shaggy layers down for a clean finish!

We're bringing out the big guns now! Take the clip part out of two short curly clips in Dark Brown and either sew or glue them on top of a Hermes in Dark Brown for a quick buzz cut look. Since our fibers are heat resistant, you can curl the top of an Atlas in Black without burning the wig.

Just give the Aries in Dark Brown a trim, or just curl the bangs on an Aphrodite in Natural Black (or Dark Brown) and trim the back to become the man we love to hate and hate to love.

Our new Layered Keto in Dark Brown or the Atlas in Light Brown are just what you need for this mad doctor.

Don't worry, Brother, we gotchu. Just add a Dark Brown bun to either a Helen or Layered Keto in Dark Brown for this absolute unit.

  • Mar 22, 2019
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