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Chronos - Ice Blue

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Chronos Ice Blue Layered Bob Wig

The Chronos style ice blue layered bob wig is a face framing style, perfect to be worn independently or with the addition of clip-on ponytails extension, pigtails, and buns. A circular skin top measuring 2" in diameter and sitting at the crown of the wig style the fiber in numerous directions and create various parts. Bangs reaching 8" at the front of this ice blue layered bob wig make creating styles such as middle parts, side swept and trimmed bangs easy.

The ends of this layered bob wig reach 14" and naturally curl in to frame the sides of the face, with seamless layers adding natural looking volume and texture throughout the wig. Short, straight, curly, or voluminous styles are easily achievable with the help of heat, trimming, or product. Our heat resistant fiber allow for styling with heated tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers and can withstand heat up to 410 degrees (however, we suggest not exeeding 350F as long-term exposure can change the texture of the fiber.) An adjustable, breathable cap allows this wig to be worn comfortably all day long. Our Chronos style ice blue layered bob wig is also available in a variety of different colors, which can all be viewed here.

Chronos Ice Blue Layered Bob Wig Dimensions:

  • Cap Size: 23"
  • Length: 14"
  • Bang Length: 8"
  • Skintop: 2" diameter

Chronos Ice Blue Layered Bob Wig Styling Tips:

Our Chronos style is a versatile wig that serves as both a fun style on its own or the perfect base for customization using our various clip-ons and extensions. Create a unique look suitable for both cosplay and daily wear using this ice blue layered bob wig.

Style Description:
This wig is perfect for Rei Ayanami. You can style the fringe according to your face shape, and the layers on the side are just like Rei's! I was initially a bit worried about how this wig would look on me, as I have a very square jawline, but surprisingly the style did not add any unflattering bulk or weight to my face shape, and framed my face nicely.

I wore this at a convention in Canada with my Rei cosplay and got nothing but compliments on both the cut and ESPECIALLY the colour. It is rare to find a wig like this in this particular shade of blue.
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