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Elizabeth Wavy Honey Gold Long Natural Colored Wigs

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Crown - Bottom: 31"
Crown - Bangs: 8"
Cap: 23"

Whether you’re looking for a style to change up your everyday look with a wig, a wig for daily wear, a wig for a costume, or a cosplay wig, Wigs Au Naturale has you covered!

Meet Elizabeth, one of our beautiful long wigs! This pretty style comes with light waves styled throughout the length of the wig, giving you a great look full with volume! All of our wigs are completely heat and product stylable, meaning that you can utilize hair straighteners, curling irons, and all sorts of styling products on our wigs with no fear of damage to the fibers! With this ease of styling, this wig is perfect as is or can be changed to fit your daily wear wig, costume wig, or cosplay wig needs!

Style Description:
I wasn't sure if this color would look good on me but I took a risk because I was excited to practice doing the "Dutch Flower" braid style that has been floating around the internet and my hair is waaay too short.

Anyway, after a quick brush once it was out of the package, it was so fluffy (just like freshly washed/blow-dried hair)! Bangs were straight cut, but moved easily to the side when I casually ran my fingers along their bottom edge.

Feels and looks like real hair, plus, one of the lightest EpicC. wigs I've stuck on my head. The wig cap was pretty big, but I adjusted the hooks and then danced around for a while, it stayed secure!

Totally soft, but not too much (so it feels like natural hair). The waves extend practically all the way to the 'skin top/button' thing in the center. Amazingly tangle-free after all my dancing, despite its length.

Oh, and it makes lovely braids!
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