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Official Yuri!!! on ICE Canvas Art - These Are For You

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Official Yuri!!! on ICE Canvas Art - These Are For You

Approved from the creator, this canvas art is an official merchandise for Yuri!!! on ICE . Taking your love for anime to the next level! Elevate your space with a stretched canvas art piece from the time-treasured classics. Combine your love for anime with the appeal of high end art with our HD print anime canvases. Affordable for any person, these canvas art are definite conversation starters for any anime fan. Discuss your favorite moments in the anime or which character is your favorite!

The Official Yuri!!! On ICE Canvas Art - These Are For You is an exquisite piece of artwork needed for any anime fan. This scene depicts many of your favorite characters being the perfect flower boy, giving a wide array of flowers to their chosen one: you! Each character is dressed in a fine suite and tie, embellished with fine silk, jewelry, fur and more! Starting with Yuri, he is wearing a fine coat and tie adorned with a printed vest. With his hair slicked back and glasses off, Yuri is a fine gentleman giving his flower for you. Victor looks exquisite in this flower canvas art holding his bouquet of flowers and Yuri wearing his white suite makes this official Yuri!!! On Ice piece perfect for any anime fan old or young! Relieve many of the best anime scenes from this series with The Official Yuri!!! On Ice ‘These are For You’ Canvas Art.

Official Yuri!!! on ICE Canvas Art Specifications

The canvas art is a high definition modern artwork that is printed on high quality canvas. The canvas art is framed and ready to hang with a hook fixed on.

Canvas size: 40 x 60 x 3.5 cm

Canvas weight: 2 lbs

This Official Yuri!!! on ICE Canvas Art is definitly a piece to impress.