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Foldable Wig Rack - White

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Display and store your wigs with a portable wig rack. These wigs stands are fully collapsible and come in three easy to assemble pieces. The base is split into two halves that connect diagonally in the center, and a small circular "halo" is attached at the top to give the stand a rounder shape. Keeping your wig on a stand such as this prevents the netting and lace from becoming distorted during storage. These wig stands work perfectly to store or display wigs whether you're at home or on the go!

Style Description:
Perfect. Put a sandbag in base to anchor it while working.
I sell handmade hats, and I LOVE these for my artist alley table setup. They pack way smaller than styrofoam wig heads, are easy to assemble and take down, and are quite durable. Five stars!
It took me a short minute to figure it out, but overall I'd say it's efficient

Came in a timely manner as well, so that's always a plus
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