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The Basics

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Are you always having trouble finding that perfect wig? We can help! When choosing your perfect wig, there are many factors to consider. By following these simple tips, you’ll pick the best one for your needs.

The first step to achieving your desired look (be it cosplay, fashion, or just for fun) is picking the color that works best with your vision. Start with your character’s hue, or basic color on a color wheel, such as red or green. Next, think about the tone or how bright and saturated the color is. To understand this, visualize for a moment a character like Pearl from Steven Universe.

Peach Blonde (bottom) would be the better choice compared to Princess Pink (top), which doesn’t have the orange hue that Pearl has.

Another factor to consider while choosing the right color is knowing which hues work best with your skin tone. If you are a warm skin tone, you’ll want to choose warmer versions of the same color.

For example, someone with a warm skin tone should choose Dark Plum Purple, a red based purple, over Royal Purple, a blue based purple.

In the same vein, Royal Purple would complement a cool toned person nicely.


If you’re planning a photoshoot, take into consideration the environment you will be in. Will you have natural light? Studio light? Florescent? Silky soft fibers like futara (the kind EpicCosplay Wigs uses) looks best under natural and soft lighting.

Direct or harsh lighting doesn’t allow for a cleaner finish like soft lighting does. Being able to visualize how certain colors look in different lighting will make that much of a difference in your look.


Like snowflakes, no two heads are alike. They come in all different shapes and sizes. It is important you know your measurements when wig shopping.

EpicCosplay Wigs are adjustable and can fit a wide variety of head sizes up to 23 inches. Measure your head and see how it sizes up!

Cap construction is paramount in buying the right wig for your needs. Every style is unique, so different construction is needed to suit needs of different styles. Most caps are made with wefts sewn directly into mesh fabric and elastic. This standard style is perfect for most anime characters. These are usually the type of caps that comes to mind when you think of a wig cap. Others have built in skin tops at the scalp to give them a more natural finish. They’re especially helpful when forming vertical spikes. For special character styles that need a swept back/bangless style or non-standard part, look for a wig with a skin top in the front. The fibers on the skin top can be heat treated to fall in any direction while still not revealing the wig cap.