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Do your wigs come in different cap sizes?

No, all of our wigs are one size fits most. The majority of our wigs can fit up to 23". However, our wigs are adjustable and can be tightened using the straps on the back of the wig.

Are all of your wigs heat styleable?

Yes. All the fibers we use are heat resistant up to 410 F and can be styled with straightening irons, curling irons blow dryers and other heat styling tools on their lower heat settings. However we do suggest keeping the heating tools to 350 F as long term exposure to high heat can change the texture of the wig fiber.

What does "tangle-resistant" mean?

It basically means our wig fibers are smooth and does not tangle as easily as traditional wig fibers. Keep in mind that even though our wigs are tangle-resistant, they are NOT tangle-proof. Constant negligence or abuse to our wigs can certainly create tangles, and the more it gets mistreated the harder it is to comb through. With proper care and attention, however, our wigs should be easy to maintain. We recommend using a wide toothed comb, and we strongly recommend to comb the wig at the very bottom first and progressively work your way up. Comb in a motion moving away from the wig rather than straight down. For weft extensions, do not brush directly downward as it can cause matting.

Can your wigs be washed?

Yes. We like to recommend using baby shampoo. Wash only when necessary. Please avoid combing or brushing the wig until it is completely dried.

Can normal hair care products be used on them?

Yes. Products like spiking gels and texturing sprays work particularly well with our wigs. We recommend using brands like Göt2B.


Can you dye your wigs?

Yes. Actual hair dye won't work on synthetic wigs but you can use sharpie ink, FW ink or fabric dye. 


What is the best way to store a wig?

You can use a wig stand or a mannequin to help keep the shape of the wig. Otherwise, you can also store it in the original packaging that our wigs usually come in (bag, netting and tissue stuffing).