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Wig Care and Styling Information

Wig Information

Our wigs are designed and crafted from High-Temperature Synthetic Fiber which is well known in the Japanese Cosplay scene. The most common wig fiber, Kanekalon is the cheapest and easiest fiber for making synthetic wigs but has many limitations making it difficult to work with. Kanekalon melts when exposed to heat styling tools. Kanekalon also has issues of tangling very easily which makes it difficult to comb and style. We have designed our High-Temperature Synthetic Fiber wigs to address the aforementioned issues to create the ultimate in customizable wigs. Our wigs can be blow dried, straightened, curled and will take any kind of gels, hairsprays, spiking glue or dye that you can throw at it!

What you won’t be able to easily see but will definitely feel is the volume and fullness of our wigs. You will not be able to find anything as easy on the eyes or comfortable to the touch once you see them in person.

Wig General Care

  1. In general, we recommend always using a wig cap. This will lessen the amount of scalp oils touching the wig.
  2. Unless you are doing a photoshoot, we also recommend that you remove your wig when lying down.

Wig Storage

  1. Wigs are best stored on a wire form as they can be dried and hold their shape.
  2. Styrofoam head form’s will maintain the wig shape but cannot be used for drying.
  3. For long term storage, the wigs can be carefully placed in the original packaging.

Wig Cleaning

Epic Cosplay recommends that wigs be washed after 8-10 wearings.

  1. Before washing, gently brush out all the tangles with a wig comb.
  2. Use wig shampoo specially designed for synthetic wigs. In a sink or basin, mix 2 capfuls of shampoo with cold water only, and immerse wig. Gently swirl, and let soak for 8 minutes.
  3. Rinse the wig gently in cold water. Swish the wig around but do not scrub the fibers.
  4. After washing, discard the soapy water. Rinse again until the soap residue is gone from the wig.
  5. Shake out the excess water and blot the wig gently with a towel. Do not squeeze or wring.
  6. Place clean wig on a wig stand and allow air to dry thoroughly before brushing or combing.

Wig Styling

Our wigs can be self-styled but many of our customers visit a professional stylist to help achieve specific character looks.


  1. Any regular comb or brush can be used.
  2. Brush out the tangles first.
  3. Style as you would with natural hair.

Hair Products

  1. Wigs can be dyed, styled with gels, hairspray, spiking glue.
  2. Wigs can return to previous form by washing with water.

Heat Tools

  1. Plug in the curling iron and get it hot. This will take about fifteen minutes.
  2. After brushing and combing the wig, separate the hair into sections for curling.
  3. Open the curling iron by holding your four fingers around the handle while pushing your thumb down on the moving part of handle.
  4. Clip the curling iron onto a half an inch strand of hair at the top part of your wig, the part closest to the root, by lifting your thumb. Then slide it down to the tip of your wig. Be sure to stop before it completely slides off. Pull iron down to the tip of your hair. Start curling your wig in the direction you want it to curl in, for example curve it under if you want an inward curl.
  5. Continue to curl your wig until you reach the top part of your hair and hold it there for 10 seconds.
  6. Slowly and gently start to uncurl your wig until you reach a point where you can press your thumb down again without your hair holding your curling iron shut. (The slower you let it come down, the longer the curls will hold.)
  7. Open and close the curling iron until you ease it out of your wig.
  8. Repeat the steps on all of your hair that you want curled.