Cosplayer:Sydney RalstonInstagram:sydneyralstonEpicCosplay Wig: Nyx in Classic White for Blue Diamond from Steven Universe   Wig: 1 NYX in Classic White, Two packs of long wefts in Classic White Character: Blue Diamond Series: Steven Universe Photo by: @squarenoodles Dress by: @holicmodedesign Convention: Los Angeles Comic Con 2018 Inspiration: Space, David Bowie’s Pierrot Persona

Wigspiration: K/DA League of Legends

Riot Games held its annual League of Legend championships in South Korea, and it introduced a killer music video and concert that changed Egaming around the world. Not only was it a jaw-dropping performance, they showcased AR characters from League of Legends. Given ‘Kpop skins,’ Ahri, Akali, Evelynn and Kai’Sa […]

Firecloak as Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Wig: Hera in Purple Black Fusion for Tomoyo cosplay from Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Cardcaptor Sakura fans are sure to appreciate the accuracy of this Tomoyo cosplay! In the series, Tomoyo serves as best friend and dedicated confidant to protagonist Sakura Kinomoto – providing the magical girl with adorable outfits […]

Eli Ebberts as Karen from Revue Starlight

Cosplayer:Eli Wig: Hestia in Copper Red for Karen from Revue Starlight This wig started as Hestia in Copper Red! I copped off most of the length and added the small pig tails using the criss cross method in the back to keep the wefts from showing! Once I liked […]

Adelie as Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura

Cosplayer:Adelie CosplayEpicCosplay Wig: Chronos in Caramel Brown for Cardcaptor Sakura Cosplay Check out this incredible Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay by Adelie Cosplay! Sakura Kinomoto is a cosplay favorite for many reasons, especially for the variety of costumes she wears throughout the series. This cosplay features the breathtaking dress shown in the […]

CandiedBanana as Dancing Star Night Persona 5 Protaganist

Cosplayer:Anna Adger(CandiedBanana)Instagram:CandiedBananaEpicCosplay wig: Apollo wig in Black for Dancing Star Night protagonist cosplay Featured cosplayer Anna Adger shows off a super-accurate cosplay of the protagonist from Dancing Star Night. Dancing Star Night is a rhythm game based on the Persona 5 series. Buyers in North American markets might know it […]

Cosplay As Noodle from Gorillaz

Cosplayer:MarloesInstagram:djangogipsy_cosplayEpicCosplay Wig: Aphrodite in Purple Black Fusion for Noodle Gorillaz cosplay Gorillaz fans are sure to love this one. Featured cosplayer Marloes showcases a creative cosplay of Noodle, a character that serves as lead guitarist for the virtual band Gorillaz. Gorillaz is a musical act that surfaced in 1998, but […]

Go Broncos Go

Cosplayer:Meredith BrannonI had a severe reaction to hair dye almost 3 years ago and can no longer wear colors on my skin. My pigtails are away for me to still represent my team and I wear them to every Denver Broncos event I go to.

MeelkTea Cosplay as Swimsuit Trish Una from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Cosplayer:MeelkTea CosplayFacebook: swimsuit Trish Una cosplay made a big splash at Colossalcon 2018. One month later, the anime premiere of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind would bring the character to screens everywhere. Golden Wind is the fifth story arc of the series, marking the introduction of Spice Girl stand user […]

Daphne Blake Cosplay: Scooby Doo

Cosplayer:Maddening Love Wig– Hestia Autumn Orange  For Daphne Blake Cosplay Maddening Love Cosplay did an amazing job with their Daphne Blake cosplay. They did such a beautiful job creating Daphne’s look you’d expect to find her climbing out of the Mystery Machine and unmasking villains. Daphne is a very […]

Pearl from Steven Universe

Cosplayer:akkeyroomiInstagram:akkeyroomiWig: Keto (peach blonde) from Epic Cosplay Cosplay made by akkeyroomi Character: Past!Pearl Series: Steven Universe Convention: FanExpo Canada 2018 Photographer: vitalz photography Inspiration: ballet

Creepy is so booo~red. You should come play <3

Cosplayer:Frozen Cynder CosplayFacebook: wore this costume for the event Forest City Comicon 2018 in London, On, Canada. . Photos were taken by Hutton House . Creepy is an original character who was initially created last year as a joke to the head of my cosplay charity group (The legion of […]

Norbertwhocosplay as Velvet from RWBY

Cosplayer:Meghan MurphyFacebook: is a cosplay of a fan art of Velvet in a “bunny suit” even though she is a bunny. It is the first cosplay I did almost completely myself, with a little help from my mom. I wore it to Otakon 2018 over the summer. It consists of […]

FabriKat Cosplay as Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail

Cosplayer:FabriKat CosplayFacebook:@FabriKatCosInstagram:@fabrikat_cosplayThis cosplay is based on Juvia Lockser’s look in the Fairy Tail Dragon Cry movie. Juvia’s character has a strong heart and serves as a huge inspiration for me in life. For the wig I used a Hestia in Light Blue mix from Epic Cosplay and the cosplay is […]

My cosplay as my OC Ellumous

Cosplayer:EllumousThis is the cosplay I wore to Anime Boston. Ellumous is an OC of mine.  

Deku from my hero academia


Nico Hebe as LEELA from FUTURAMA

Cosplayer:Nico HebeInstagram:nico.hebeEpicCosplay Wig: Nyx in Royal Purple for Leela Cosplay Check out this fun Leela cosplay! The most competent crew member of the Planet Express poses for photos in Old New York. The outfit boasts great accuracy and the props are seriously out of the world. The ray gun is […]

AzulIs Trash as Chloe von Einzbern from Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya

Cosplayer:AzulisTrashInstagram:bubbledmilkEpicCosplay wig: Theia in Fusion Vanilla Pink for Chloe von Einzbern cosplay Talented cosplayer AsulisTrash portrays an impressive Chloe von Einzbern cosplay in this awesome photoset. This character features prominently in the second season of the Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA anime – a charmingly antagonistic existence created from the main […]

Ashley Rose as Daenerys Targaryen from “Game of Thrones”

Cosplayer:Ashley RoseInstagram:@ashleyrose91EpicCosplay wig: Daphne in Platinum Blonde for Daenerys Targaryen cosplay The dragon queen makes a regal appearance in this fantastic Daenerys Targaryen cosplay as worn by Ashley Rose. Below, Ashley Rose explains a little bit about the inspiration behind the outfit and wig styling choices. Then, keep reading after […]

Eli Ayase from Love Live

Cosplayer:Ellie WisteriaInstagram:excalibur.goatsEpicCosplay Wig: Phoebe in Natural Blonde for Eli Ayase cosplay What a sharp and impressive Eli Ayase cosplay! Fans of Love Live know Eli Ayase as a well-respected role model at Otonokizaka High School. This former student council president gives off a strict first impression with a kind and […]

Kaira Rin Cosplay as All Might from My hero academia

Cosplayer:Kaira Rin Wig: Eros in Natural Blonde for All Might cosplay This awesome All Might cosplay reimagines the inspiring U.A. High School teacher with long flowing locks, using the Eros wig from Epic Cosplay as a base. My Hero Academia fans are sure to recognize Toshinori Yagi in all […]

Zelda (BOTW)

Cosplayer:Caroline ReneeInstagram:vantage.vaporwaveEpicCosplay Wig: Eros in Autumn Gold for Zelda cosplay wig With a touch of skilled styling, the Eros wig from Epic Cosplay becomes an impressively accurate Zelda cosplay wig. Featured cosplayer Caroline Renee shares a few details about this photo shoot below, including credits and supplies along with plans […]

Genderbent Shouto Todoroki from Boku no Hero Academia

Cosplayer:ChloeInstagram:actualyohaneEpicCosplay Wigs: Theia in Classic White and Apple Red Mix for genderbent Shouto Todoroki cosplay This genderbent Shouto Todoroki cosplay gives the Icy Hot hero-in-training a cool feminine style. My Hero Academia fans know Todoroki as a reserved yet extremely capable U.A. High School student with a tragic backstory. With […]

Grlybrainiac as Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle

Cosplayer:GrlybrainiacInstagram:GrlybrainiacMy cosplay of Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle, pictures taken at Anime USA 2018. The wig is the Aura style in Silvery Grey. I’m no hair stylist, but I made my best attempt at trimming the bangs to the right length for Sophie, I also feathered the ends of […]

Leopard Nidalee from League of Legends

Cosplayer:TaiaraInstagram:kahpenetraPerfect and lovely wig! Worked very well for Nidalee <3

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