TUTORIAL: Try your hands at a Post Moon Phos

Phosphophyllite is really ROCKing their new bowl cut look. Get it? Rock?? Because they’re a gem??? This tutorial will teach you how to make a clean edge on a wig, as well as how to add shiny strips to make your wig sparkle! Base used: Chronos in Dark Blue Mix […]


TUTORIAL: All Might | How to Make Bangs Stand Up

Impress your fellow cosplayer friends and flex your cosplay wig styling clout by tackling All Might’s signature anime bang style. This cosplay wig seems convention masquerade advanced level, but you can easily make this with novice level skills. Be the best All Might cosplayer you can possibly be! We’re sure […]

Add a Lace Front to your Wig

We offer several style of lace front alternative wigs that are easy to wear and style! You can add on a lace front to these wigs and others at home. With a little patience and practice, you can adapt a wig’s hairline. Create widow’s peaks, side burns, and any number […]

Restyle a Skin Top Hair Part

Did you know you can use our large skin top styles like Eros to create many hair parts and bang styles? It’s very easy to do! All you need is a spray bottle of water, a comb, and a blow dryer!

Mermaid Waves Tutorial

Want to create pretty natural looking waves (often called ‘mermaid waves’) easily with your Epic Cosplay wig? Here’s a tutorial on how you can use steam or hot water to create the look!

Making Pigtails with a Hestia!

Our Hestia has a hidden talent! Did you know you can create cute pigtails and braids with our Hestia? It’s easy! Our many extra rows of wefting make this wig versatile~

Straightening a Wig with Heat

Straightening an Epic Cosplay wig is quick and easy! Watch our video tutorial to see how to use water and a flat iron to restyle your wig!  Step 1: Section out hair from the wig to straighten. Step 2: Spray the section with water. Step 3: Use a flat […]

Ponytail Wig Restyling Guide

Our Ponytail wig is one of our most versatile styles! It is constructed out of a base wig and pulled back into a short ponytail. It’s so easy to adapt this wig into different looks in just minutes! Here’s how!

Aphrodite Spiking Guide

Styling our wigs is so easy! Grab your favorite texturizing spray and in minutes take your new EpicCosplay wig from out of the bag to perfectly styled for your character!

Assemble Folding Wig Stands

Sometimes we have questions about how our folding wig stands fit together, so we’ve made this simple guide on how to assemble them! It’s very easy to do! Folding wig stands are great for travel and do double duty as drying racks when you wash or style your wig with […]

Add Wefting to a Wig

Need to add extra wefting to your wig to create a certain style? Here’s a guide to help you get started!

How to Wash Your Wig

Have a wig you need to clean and restyle? Here’s instructions on how to wash your wig.

Cutting Bangs with a Hair Razor

EpicCosplay’s Tips and Tricks is back with instructions on how to cut a wig’s bangs easily with a hair razor!

Curl your Wig with Hot Water!

You don’t need much in the way of experience or tools to achieve beautiful curls! We curl our Au Naturale style Maya with just curlers and hot water! It’s easy! See how here:

Adjusting Wig Size

New to wigs and wondering how to adjust the fit of your wig? Wondering what those hooks are in the back? Here’s a guide on sizing we’ve made to help you!

Show Us How You Style: How to Fluff a Straight Wig by Vicious Cosplay!

Vicious Cosplay created a tutorial on how to fluff our straight wigs! Check it out here!

Quick and Easy Styling: How to Style a Kirito Wig!

Check out Maridah Cosplay’s tutorial on how to style our Aether wig in Black into Kirito’s hairstyle!

Tips and Tricks: Creating a Hime Cut!

Check out Maridah Cosplay’s tutorial on how to style a hime cut!

Tips and Tricks: Securing Wigs with Toupee Clips!

Check out this tutorial in our “Tips and Tricks” tutorial collection! In this tutorial, Maridah shows how you can sew in toupee clips to a wig to help secure it better to your head!

Tutorial Tuesday: Tinker Bell Wig Tutorial!

Sorry for the delay in getting this tutorial post up! For this week’s Tutorial Tuesday we wanted to feature vampirate777’s tutorial on how to create a wig perfect for Tinker Bell from the Disney franchises!

Wig Styling Tutorial: Spiky Styling/Sasuke’s Hairstyle Tutorial by Jin (behindinfinity)

Interested in getting a spiky hairstyle or looking to get Sasuke Uchiha’s hairstyle? Jin (behindinfinity) has an EPIC picture tutorial on how to style a basic short black wig into an awesome spiky style. Check out our recommended base wig and the tutorial here.

Tutorial Tuesday: Sailor Collar and Sailor Fuku Collar Patterns!

For this week’s Tutorial Tuesday we have decided to feature two special tutorials, a sailor collar pattern and a sailor fuku collar pattern!

Tutorial Tuesday: Invisible Shoes by …And Sewing is Half the Battle!

For this week’s Tutorial Tuesday we have chosen to feature …And Sewing is Half the Battle’s tutorial on how to make invisible shoes! This tutorial is perfect for anyone looking to cosplay as a character who chooses to go barefoot (Inuyasha, Toph, Jack Frost, to name a few). This is […]

Tutorial Tuesday: Cosplay 101 (Basic Cosplay Makeup) by MangoSirene!

For this week’s Tutorial Tuesday we decided to feature MangoSirene’s Basic Cosplay Makeup tutorial! She covers some wonderful makeup tips that we believe are great for all cosplayers to know! Check out her video on her Youtube channel here!

Tutorial Tuesday: Eruka Frog Hat Tutorial by Shironotenshi!

Sorry for the delay in posting this week’s Tutorial Tuesday blog! For this week’s Tutorial Tuesday we have decided to feature Shironotenshi’s tutorial on how to construct a Eurka Frog Hat!

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