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 Nov 26, 2017  

My Hero Academia is the shounen manga take on western superhero comics that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. With two anime adaptation seasons under its belt and a third on the way, there's still plenty more excitement to anticipate, so jump into the action with one our wig recommendations!

(The following list is only some of the most popular heroes (and villains) of My Hero Academia, but if you don't see your favorite be sure to email us at for your very own suggestion.)

Our Aphrodite is an asymmetrical short wig that suits the unique look of All Might's true form. With its heavily layered back this wig can be easily styled into voluminous spikes, and the coin-shaped skintop at its crown make it easy to part the longer bangs down the middle while keeping a natural look.

For All Might's powered up form, we suggest trying our new short lace front style Keto. The long bangs can be styled upwards into All Might's iconic hair antennae, and you can even ventilate more wefts into the hairline to give your wig a more dramatic widow's peak. Natural Blonde is the natural choice of color for this typical all American hero!

Our Apollo was made for spiking, which makes it perfect for the spiky haired Izuku Midoriya. Upwards sewn wefts make it easier than ever to create natural looking spikes and layers that can be made even more dramatic with the help of teasing and hairspray. Our new Forest Green Mix color is the perfect shade of dark, muted green to give life to Deku's adorkable broccoli hair style!

Our Aphrodite is an asymmetrical short wig that matches Ochaco Uraraka's asymmetrical bob. The heavily layered back gives it plenty of volume that you can fluff up for those bouncy locks, and the longer bangs frame the face. If you'd like a little more length in the back, you can achieve a similar style with our Chronos by adding some extensions to compensate for longer bangs in the front. Cocoa Brown is the perfect light, warm brown for this cheerful aspiring hero.

If you need a no-nonsense haircut befitting of a class president, our Aether style is perfect for Tenya Iida. Just trim the back to a respectable length and style the bangs into an orderly 3/4 part and you're ready to go fast and take names. Both our Midnight Blue and Purple Black Fusion colors would work for this serious speedster, it just depends on whether you want a cooler or warmer color to match your costume.

Need to look like you just rolled out of bed and don't care about your public appearance? Then our Helios style is the wig for all your Aizawa needs! It has long enough layers to make it easy to tousle into a shaggy look, and its 2" coin shaped skin top allows for a M-style part to the versatile bangs, which are chin-length. Our new short lace front style Keto is slightly shorter, but will also work for Aizawa's normal hair and with the added bonus of being easily styled into his upswept Eraserhead hairstyle with a natural looking hairline, making this a dual purpose wig. Our classic Black is the perfect shade for this gloomy teacher.

A complex character like Shouto Todoroki requires a bit more work than most characters. His dual color scheme means that you will need to splice together two wigs to achieve the same look. Luckily, we have both in the perfect colors and style for this project! Try combining our short Aether wig in both Dark Red and Silvery Grey to achieve Todoroki's iconic hot and cold style.

Our Apollo was made for spiking, which makes it suitable for Katsuki Bakugo's explosive hairstyle. It can be spiked as easily as running your fingers through its many layers, and the spikes can be made even more dramatic with the help of teasing and hairspray. Our Aether is another short layered style that will also work in a pinch. Natural Blonde is the perfect shade for this hot-headed hero.

Eijiro Kirishima has spikes as strong as his quirk, so you'll need our Apollo, which was made for spiking into styles just like these! The spikes can be made more dramatic with the help of teasing and hairspray, and you can also wear it down for Kirishima's shaggy, unstyled hair. If you're looking for a more natural looking hairline, our new short lace front style Keto can also be spiked and styled in a variety of ways. Our new Apple Red Mix is the perfect shade for this red-blooded hero, but you can also go a shade darker with our classic Dark Red.

Kyoka Jiro's punk rock hairstyle is relatively easy to achieve. Just use one of our Chronos wigs and trim the back, leave the sides long, and cut the bangs into an asymmetrical line. Purple Black Fusion is the perfect deep purple for this snarky hero.

Our Aphrodite is an asymmetrical short wig that is perfect for Denki Kaminari. The bangs are longer in the front than the back, and with its heavily layered back this wig can be easily styled into voluminous spikes. If you'd like more spikes and volume all around for a more electric look, our Apollo wig was made for spiking, though the bangs are shorter and will require wefts to compensate. In either case, pick up one our black extensions as well for Kaminari's signature hair zigzag. Caramel Blonde is the best shade for this high voltage hero.

A fluffy, colorful hero needs a hairstyle to match, making our Apollo perfect for Mina Ashido. It's easy to give this layered wig light spikes just by shaking it out or running your fingers throughout. Use our new Princess Dark Pink mix to offset the rest of your costume in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Momo Yaoyorozu can make anything out of anything, but you won't need to work half as hard to achieve her hairstyle. Our Phoebe comes prestyled into a ponytail style, with plenty of bangs in the front. If you'd like a more natural looking hairline, our new long layered lace front style Hecate can easily be tied back into a ponytail as well. Our classic Black is a perfectly elegant shade for this high society hero.

Nemuri Kayama is a beautiful mysterious hero, so you'll need long beautiful hair to match. Our Athena and Hera styles both boast an impressive 40" length. The Athena can be layered and spiked to achieve the same style, or you can brush out the curls in the Hera into gentle waves for a softer, voluminous look. Purple Black Fusion is the perfect deep shade for a hero called Midnight.

Himiko Toga might not be a hero, but she gets an honorable mention for stealing fans' hearts... and possibly blood. You can pull off her hime-cut hairstyle by cutting the bangs straight on one of our Gaia wigs. We also have pre-styled buns that you can attach for a simple and easy styled wig. Butterscotch Blonde is the perfect shade for this yandere princess.

Tomura Shigaraki is a big enough antagonist to stand on the same stage as the heroes. His messy, shaggy hairstyle can be easily achieved with our layered Apollo wig just by running your fingers throughout and tousling it. Ice Blue is the perfect chilling color for this deranged villain.