Wig Guide for Barbie & her Friends

Wig Guide for Barbie & her Friends

Hi Barbie! 💕 If you're looking for some wig suggestions for the incredible lady and some of her friends, look no further, we got you covered!

Nyx - Natural Blonde: This particular wig would work for many of her different looks in the movie, including the rollerblade one!

Eros - Natural Blonde: We believe this length is perfect for her cowgirl look. Just give the wig some layers and you are good to go!

Daphne Lacefront - Strawberry Blonde:  There's a lot of other styles and colors we carry that would match this disco look but this one in particular is our favorite one! 

Persephone - Natural Blonde: We choose a longer length because braiding anything would make it shorter!

In the movie, it appears that Ken's hair color is about a shade lighter than Barbie's hair color so we feel like Platinum Blonde is the most accurate color for him. For style, Atlas may be the most fitting for him because the wig can be swept back and parted in different ways. It's lacefront counterpart, Atlas Lacefront, is another good pick if you want a more realistic hairline!

Weird Barbie's hair color looks like an extremely light blonde shade so we went with Platinum Blonde for her. Apollo is a great style for her if you want bangs or to hide the hairline. Hades V2 is another good pick if you want to show off the hairline.

We recommend the same styles--Atlas and Atlas Lacefront--for both Kens (Ryan Gosling and Simu Liu) for pretty much the same reason. For color, we think Dark Brown or Black works for Simu Liu's Ken. In the movie, there are scenes where his hair looks more brown and other scenes where his hair looks more black. 

Atlas and Atlas Lacefront seems to be the gold standard for most of the male characters here! Copper Red seems to be the most accurate color for Allan. 

Our Daphne - Teal Blue Mix wig seems to be the perfect match for mermaid Barbie, even down to the hairline!

We'd be a fool if we didn't include John Cena's mermaid. Our Astraea - Butterscotch Blonde wig is our favorite pick for him. 

And last but not least, it's Midge! Our Nyx style is most likely the most accurate for her. For colors, there are two different options. Our favorite is the Autumn Orange Mix because it looks natural. Autumn Orange would be our second pick if you want something more vibrant!

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