Hair Accessories

Size: about 3.15 inches (8 cm) longPackage: 6 clips (vanilla pink, light blue, medium blue, purple, yellow)A set of duck bill hair clips with assorted...
Embroidered Orange Slice Snap Barrette Hair ClipSize: about 4 x 2.5 inches (10.1 X 6.3 cm)Package: 1Wear a slice of orange to brighten your hair,...
Matted Bead Hair ClipSize: about 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) longPackage: 5 clipsA set of alligator hair clips with assorted colored matted Beads.Glossy Bead Hair ClipSize:...
24" Long Caramel Blonde Braids Our 24" long Caramel Blonde Braids extensions are the perfect way to add a flare to any Epic Cosplay wig!...
Sew-in Wig Snap ClipSize: about 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) longPackage: 4 snap clips Perfect for holding wigs, clip-on weft extensions, hats, or hair accessories.  
Hair Extensions Double-Sided TapeSize: 3/8'' W (1cm) X 3 Yard L (2.7m)Package: 1 rollPerfect for holding wigs, adding weft extensions, hats, or hair accessories.  
Size: about 4.25 inches (11 cm) longPackage: 3 clips (vanilla pink, light blue, ice green)A set of sectioning hair clips with assorted cute colors. Perfect...
This umbrella shape cape is perfect for your wig/hair cutting, styling, and coloring. Easy to clean, easy to wear, and easy to store! Just hold...
Duck Bill Jelly Color Hair Clip
$4.99 $4.99
Fabric Fruit Hair Clip
$3.69 $3.69
Bead Hair Clip
$7.99 $7.99
24" Long Braids Extension - Caramel Blonde
$10.59 $10.59
Wig Snap Clip
$2.99 $2.99
Hair Extensions Double-Sided Tape
$8.99 $8.99
Sectioning Hair Clip
$5.99 $5.99
Wig/Hair Cutting Umbrella Cape
$12.99 $12.99