Milgram Wig Guide

Milgram Wig Guide

Sakurai Haruka |We think the most fitting wig for this character would be our Apollo in Shadow Blue!

Kashiki Yunon | A general black wig with bangs would work great for her, specifically the Nyx or the Theia. It just depends on what length you'd like for her. Theia is a shoulder length wig while Nyx lays around the chest area. 

Kajiyama Fuuta | Since his hair appears to be a mix of red and orange, we'd go with our Apollo in Copper Red!

Kusunoki Muu | This ones a bit tricky! Overall, our Helios - Hazy Grey may be the best since the Helios style has a similar silhouette to her hairstyle. It has a bit of volume but thinning it out by feathering it would help. If Hazy Grey is not the color you're looking for, look up our Peach Blonde!

Kirisaki Shidou | A good basic wig for him would be our Aether in Gunmetal Grey, however if you're looking for a more realistic hairline, we'd go with our Helen Lacefront style instead. It would need a bit of trimming but otherwise it's makes for a solid base wig for him!

Shiina Mahirun | Our Aries in Caramel Blonde would be a great choice for her! We also have an Aries Lacefront version for those who prefer a lacefront hairline. 

Momose Amanem | We couldn't ask for a better wig than our Chronos in Forest Green Mix! Little to no styling is needed for this one since the bangs on the Chronos is similar in length to her's! 

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