Spy X Family Wig Guide

Spy x Family Wig Guide

ANYA FORGER | There are a few different styles and colors that can work for Anya! For styles, it just depends on how short or long you want the length to be. Go with Aura if you want a length that sits slightly below the chin. Go with Theia if you want a length that sits slightly above the chest area. For colors, go with Princess Dark Pink Mix for more of a dusty pink. Go with Princess Pink Mix if you want more of a bubble gum pink.

YOR FORGER | Her hair is definitely more straight forward. Nyx - Black would be a fantastic fit for her!

LOID FORGER | To be honest, we have a lot of different blondes that would suit Loid ( Caramel Blonde, Natural Blonde, etc). Sometimes, it may depend what works best with your skin tone. Our top pick for him would be the Ash Blonde as it seems to match a lot of his reference images IMO. For styles, Atlas and its lacefront counterpart seems to be the best for him!

DAMIAN DESMOND | His hair color seems to be in between our Matcha Brown and Forest Green Mix so it really comes down to personal preferences or what goes with your skin tone better. Matcha Brown, as the name suggests, has brown undertones. If you want less brown and a lot more green than Forest Green Mix is the way to go!

SYLVIA SHERWOOD | We couldn't ask for a better style than our Daphne since it's a very thick curly wig. Copper Red is a very vibrant color that would work amazing for her, however if you prefer a more toned down color than we'd go with our second choice, Hera in Autumn Orange Mix.

YURI BRIAR | Even though the ends of the Chronos may flare out, that can be easily be fixed with a standard flat iron. If you have a bigger head and/or you want a little more control with the styling, then we'd go with the Theia instead!

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