Tokyo Revengers Wig Guide

Tokyo Revenger Wig Guide

Manjiro Sano | Our Keto layered lacefront wig would be great fit for him! For colors, it just depends what type of blonde you want for this character. Go with Natural Blonde for a lighter shade, or go with Butterscotch Blonde for some hint of yellow.

Izana Kurokawa | Our Atlas in Classic White has already a similar to cut to this character so we'd definitely go with that! The model has a side part but this wig can be parted straight down the middle as well!

Taiju Shiba | We think our Helen in Dark Blue would work as a great base wig for him, on top of our 15" Ice Blue weft extensions for the streaks that he has.

Shuji Hanma | So many different options for him! We would go with our Atlas wig for the base wig. Our Atlas has also has a lacefront version for those who might prefer a lacefront. For the blonde streaks he has, we would either go with Caramel Blonde (darker shade) or Natural Blonde (lighter shade). 

Nahoya Kawata | Give the Chronos in Peach Blonde a good layering and itd be perfect for him!

Souya Kawata | Our Apollo style can be fluffed up to create a look similar to this character. For colors, we recommend Ice Blue (light blue shade) and Anime Blue Mix (blue/green shade).

Kakucho | Our Atlas would be a very fitting style for him. It also has a lacefront version.

Rindo Haitani | We'd go with our Hades v2 in Natural Blonde for the base wig and our 15" Anime Blue Mix wefts for the blue streaks.

Keisuke Baji | Our Astraea lacefront wig is the perfect length for this character. It might be a tad bit too curly but the curls can be combed out to give it more of a wave.

Ran Haitani | We recommend our Eros in Butterscotch Blonde for the wig base. The black areas of the hair would need to be dyed/colored.

Takashi Mitsuya | We think our Ice Purple color is pretty spot-on for him! The shortest style we have for this character would be the Apollo. It is a bit long but can always be trimmed down!

Haruchiyo Sanzu | Theia would be our go-to style for him. Princess Dark Pink Mix would be our first choice for the color but for those who want a more bubblegum pink, we have Princess Pink Mix

Seishu Inui | Since his hair is longer in the back, we recommend getting a length that somewhat matches the length of the back of his hair (like Helen lacefront or Keto), and the rest can be trimmed. 

Chifuyu Matsuno | His hair pretty simple and straight forward. An Aether in Natural Blonde would be the perfect fit for him.

Yuzuha Shiba | We couldn't ask for a better color for her than Peach Blonde. Our Nyx style would be our first choice but the bangs can be a bit short for those with a larger head size. If that's the case then our Hera would be our second choice. The style would just need to be straightened.

Hinata Tachibana | Our Aura in Princess Dark Pink Mix would be the perfect match for her!

Naoto Tachibana | Another easy and straight forward style, Aether in Black. ^-^

Emma Sano | Caramel Blonde seems to be the right color for her. For the length, it may just depend on personal preferences! Our Theia style is a medium length wig that sits above the chest area whereas our Nyx style is a long length wig that sits below the chest area.

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