Valorant Wig Guide

Valorant Wig Guide

Sage | For her base wig, we definitely recommend our Phoebe in Black since it is already up in a ponytail. You can do several different things for the ponytail part. If you’re a casual cosplayer and want something easy and basic, a 35” black ponytail clipon would suffice!

Viper | She has a bangless, black and short length type of hairdo so we’d recommend our bangless black and short styles like Helen or the Helen Lacefront!

Killjoy | Nyx in Black seems like the perfect choice for this agent!

Reyna | We definitely recommend a lacefront wig like Scylla in Black since the hairline can be altered (she has a bit of a widows peak!). For the purples in her hair, the most simple and easy method would be simply sewing in Lux Purple wefts into the wig. Some cosplayers, on the other hand, may take a white wig and dip-dye the top half black and the bottom half purple/magenta. 

Jett | A solid base wig for Jett would be our Phoebe in Silvery Grey!

Yoru | Our Atlas and Atlas Lacefront in Black are both good wigs to slick back. In addition our 15” Dark Blue weft extension is perfect for the blue part of his hair!

Gekko | We couldn’t ask for a better color than Tea Green! While our Atlas and Atlas lacefront style is a bit too long for him, they can be trimmed up!

Neon | Our Gaia in Shadow Blue is a solid pick for her. She has bright yellow hair underneath so we’d recommend our brightest yellow weft extension which is Rich Butterscotch Blonde.

Deadlock | Since her hair is very layered, we’d go with our layered style Helios. For hair colors, Natural Blonde is a good standard shade of blonde. If you want more of a whiter blonde, then our Platinum Blonde would be good!

Skye | We suggest Autumn Orange if you want something vibrant. We also suggest Autumn Orange Mix if you want a shade that looks more natural and blended with different orange colors. 

Breach | We’d go with Eros Lacefront in Autumn Orange Mix for him!

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