X-Men '97 Wig Guide

X-Men '97

Cyclops | We’d go with our Atlas in Light Brown or if you prefer lace front wigs, we do have a lace front version as well! 👍

Jean Grey | Since her hair seems very thick and curly, we recommend our very thick and curly Daphne Copper Red and Dark Red are our top two color picks for this badass lady.

Storm | If you’re down to go to style town, we’d go with the Hades v2 in Classic White for her base along with a pack of wefts to help create her majestic mohawk. 

Gambit | It doesn’t seem like much based off of the product photos but our Apollo style can be spiked and styled into Gambit’s hairdo. For hair color, it just comes down to personal preferences of whether you want his hair to be a light brown or dark brown.

Jubilee | We believe our Atlas in Black would be a great choice for Jubilee since it should be pretty easy to style into her hairdo. 

Rogue | This would be another styling project! We recommend splicing two wigs together so that you can get her two hair colors. Hera in Dark Brown would be the base. For the top wig, a medium to short length wig would suffice! For top color, it may be up to personal preferences. You can go with Classic White, Silvery Grey or even Platinum Blonde!

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