Show Us Your Moves: Anna/Seattle Cosplay Cosplays as Wizard from Diablo 3!

Anna/Seattle Cosplay submitted an entry featuring her Wizard cosplay from Diablo 3! She opted to use our Nyx Wig in Black for her cosplay! Check out more pictures and her entry below!

I was invited on facebook to enter this! I have used your awesome your Nyx – 28″ black wig for my wizard cosplay.
Why’d you pick the costume you did?

I love this cosplay because it is the first one I really spend a lot of time doing research on. This is based on the Concept Art for the Diablo 3 Wizards. I was very unsure when I wanted to create a special cosplay for Pax Prime last year. I love video games, especially those with strong female characters, and had a few options to pick from. But when I saw the wizard concept art, I think I had an epiphany. Being fan of Diablo series, of course I would be the kick ass caster!! Why would I be anything else?! I also found the background story of the Wizard Li Ming intriguing — her character, her arrogance, her power, and her beginning are just amazingly developed! It is with this state of mind that I pour my heart into creating every aspect of the costume.

The concept art does not have have a back view, and there is only one picture for my purpose. So I spend alot of time doing research on Chinese Tang Dynasty costumes.

My friend help me by making the awesome props – dragon stave and medallions.

This is the second wig I had used for this cosplay. The first was not very good as it has waxy fibers that were also coarse. So I when I had more time this second time around, I purchased this wig from your company. And It’s lux hair and smooth texture gave my cosplay a total revamped look. The bands were amazing!!! as it framed my face perfectly.  Thank you for your consideration! and I look forward in purchasing more wigs for future projects!!

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