April Fool’s Contest Entry: Shane, Remus, and Talia as Kamina, Simon, and Nia!

Shane, Remus, and Talia entered our April Fool’s Contest as Kamina, Simon, and Nia from Gurren Lagann! Remus used our Chronos Wig in Blue Black Fusion for his Simon cosplay! While Shane and Talia did not use our wigs we have some great recommendations for styles to use if you are looking to cosplay as either of those characters. For a Kamina cosplay we recommend our Apollo Wig in Dark Blue Mix. For a Nia cosplay we recommend that you take our Hera Wig in Natural Blonde and dyeing the bangs blue. Check out this trio’s entry below!

Name of both cosplayers: Shane, remus, and Talia
Series that you are cosplaying from: Gurren Lagann
Characters you are cosplaying as: Shane as Kamina; remus as Simon; Talia as Nia (heehee)
Did you use an EpicCosplay wig? If so, what style? I (remus) did! I used a Black/Blue Fusion in the Chronos style, even though you can’t really see it.
What inspired you to do these cosplays? We all really love Gurren Lagann a lot and thought it’d be fantastic to cosplay from it. Shane even talked about it and how inspiring it could be during his interview for Zappos (and he got hired)!
What got you into cosplay? I got into cosplay through some of my high school friends and have been doing it ever since! Then I met Talia and Shane and spread the love of costuming to them. 🙂
Why do you love cosplay? To quote Talia, “It’s like extreme crafting!” Crafting by itself can get boring after a while, so getting to put our crafting skills to a practical use by making garments and strutting them around for everyone to see is like. Perfect. Besides, it’s so much more fun when you have someone to craft with.
Describe what prank you are completing or what is going on in the photograph. We were doing a photoshoot to show off our costumes. It was a perfect day with a blue sky and a nice wind, and in between shots while we were trying to decide on poses, Shane liked flapping his cape like wings. During one such moment, however, the wind kicked up and ended up blowing his cape over my head! My world went red while everyone else started laughing. )8 Jerks.

And just in case, I do have permission from Shane and Talia, as well as Talia’s sister who acted as our photographer, to send this in! Talia helped me pick the picture. 😀 Thanks for the consideration!

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