April Fool’s Contest Entry: Syao-kun as Kero (human)

Syao-kun entered our April Fool’s Contest as Kero (human version)! While she did not use one of our wigs we recommend our Apollo Wig in Autumn Gold for a similar  look. Check out her entry below!

Our Apollo Wig in Autumn Gold

Name of cosplayer: Syao-kun

Series that you are cosplaying from: Cardcaptor Sakura

Characters you are cosplaying as: Kero (human)

Did you use an EpicCosplay wig? No

What inspired you to do these cosplays? My partner is a big CCS fan and talked me into it. 🙂

What got you into cosplay? When I met Twilight Memoirs, my cosplay partner, I had no idea what cosplay was but I’ve been hooked ever since!  I’m no good at sewing so I let her dress me up lol.

Why do you love cosplay?  It’s a lot of fun and I think more people should give it a shot!

Describe what prank you are completing or what is going on in the photograph. (In other words, what makes your submission qualified for this contest):  Kero is always hungry.  Let’s face it, he’s a glutton.  So to get in character I decided to stuff my face with Pringles!  The photo was unexpected lol.  Nomnomnom!

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