Chii from Chobits

Name: TonyuChai Cosplay

Epic Cosplay wig: Demeter in Sandy Blonde (discontinued, replaced by Asteria ash blonde)

I choose an Epic Cosplay wig for Chii because of how easily these wigs untangle, a must for such a long wig. Epic Cosplay also had the perfect ashy blonde color for the Chobits artbook illustrations. I trimmed the front to Chii’s blunt cut bangs, bundled up the side pieces, and put the hair spools on the create the little hair bumps. Even after the outdoor photoshoot, the tangles slid right out of the wig! I have another long wig from Epic and it detangles just a easily, I don’t even need a detangler.

Photographer: Pumphrey Photography

chii-chobits-cosplay-wig-1 chii-chobits-cosplay-wig-2 chii-chobits-cosplay-wig-3 chii-chobits-cosplay-wig-4

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