EpicCosplay’s Community Angels – Vicious Cosplay

Our March Community Angel is the talented and kind Vicious Cosplay! Vicious, despite her screen name, is anything but!
She is a talented seamstress and crafter with a big heart to match! The recent creator of the “Open Cosplayer Project”, Vicious encourages the community to open up to one another by sharing support and technique.

What is the Open Cosplayer Project? In her own words, “This project is dedicated to raising awareness for those cosplayers who are open to being asked questions and more than willing to help those in need. In short, you are an ‘Open Book’ full of information for all who seek it.”


Vicious has created badges that you can use to let other cosplayers know you are there to help! The badges range in topics from construction help to community awareness. One badge, the ‘Morale’ badge is a particular favorite of ours, because it’s purpose is to let others know you are there to provide encouragement and moral support to your fellow cosplayer.
Find out more about the Open Cosplayer Project on Vicious’s tumblr.


Vicious herself is a talented cosplayer with a number of skills! Her wig styling expertise as well as her costume craftsmanship impresses many in the community. Here are some of her recent cosplays:

Find more from Vicious Cosplay:

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