Dark Pit from Kid Icarus Uprising

Hylian Cream

EpicCosplay Wig: Apollo Wig in Black for Dark Pit cosplay


Check out this amazing Dark Pit cosplay, based on the design of Dark Pit in Kid Icarus: Uprising!

Kid Icarus enthusiasts know this character as the palette-swapped doppelganger of Pit, hero of the series. Dark Pit sprang into existence when Pit destroyed the Mirror of Truth. Despite his origin and antagonistic nature, Dark Pit is no villain – and his quirky traits often land him a spot as a fan favorite.

Read a little bit about the inspiration behind this Dark Pit cosplay with a few words from featured cosplayer Hylian Cream, below. Then, keep reading after the photoset to find out why the Apollo wig from Epic Cosplay is such a useful choice for styles like this.

Kid Icarus: Uprising was and still is my favorite 3ds game! When Dark Pit was first introduced, i fell in love with the idea of a “dark pit”. He’s super sarcastic and his personality is so relatable! This costume took me about 2 weeks to make right before Titan Con 2018 held at Cal State Fullerton in June. Not only did i have to make my entire costume but i also made my sister entire Pit cosplay! Thanks Epic Cosplay wigs for the fast shipping and great quality wig, i seriously can’t buy wigs like this from anyone else! 


Behind the Style: Dark Pit Cosplay Wig

Short styles with well-defined shapes certainly require a careful hand to create. And this result looks amazing! Hylian Cream used smart styling skills to transform the Apollo wig from Epic Cosplay into the accurate Dark Pit cosplay wig you see above.

The versatile Apollo wig from Epic Cosplay is a great place to start for styles like this one. Right from the bag, this wig features a great layered look. The wefts are sewn upwards, ideal for creating the types of spikes needed for a Dark Pit cosplay. This wig measures at 13 inches at the longest sections with bangs at 9 inches, leaving plenty of extra length to trim to perfection.

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