Deku Cosplay: My Hero Academia


EpicCosplay wig: Apollo in Forest Green for Deku Cosplay


I’ve used this as my Deku cosplay wig for over a year now and it’s still my favorite! I cosplay him to lots of cons but mostly AWA and Momocon!

Editor Comments: Izuku is such a fun character to cosplay! There are so many elements to his appearance, meaning everyone can cosplay him in their own unique way.  Cosplayer Torchnugget showed off their cosplay skills by completing not only his school look but his hero costume as well. The hard work they put into these cosplays really shows, they even took the time to put on Deku’s signature freckles!

Tip: If you’d like to accomplish a freckled look just like Torchnugget here are some helpful tips. First, you’ll need a brown eyeliner pencil. The shade of brown will depend on your skin tone, you’ll want a pencil about two shades darker than your skin or foundation. Next, make several dots of varying sizes along the apples of your cheeks and across the nose. If you want a more subtle look make sure not to make the dots too dark. Lastly, take a beauty blender or makeup brush and lightly press against the freckles to help them blend a little more. Just like that you have photo ready freckles for your Deku Cosplay!

Our Apollo wig is a great fit for a Deku cosplay. The wigs fibers are just the right length to portray his wild hairdo. Hairspray is always helpful to have when you need to accomplish a gravity defying hairdo. With a little bit of styling Torchnugget was able to recreate his anime hair flawlessly! 


Deku Cosplay

Deku CosplayDeku Cosplay


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