2012 Halloween Contest Winners!

The results have been tabulated and we have the names of our Halloween Contest Winners! There were so many EPIC entries and it was such a hard decision. We would like to thank all the people who entered and all the amazing people that took the time to vote for their favorite entries! Since we had such a hard time voting, we changed the method of determining the winners. We gave out two more awards since we made the adjustment. Without further ado here are the top five liked costumes from our Halloween Contest! If you’re interested in looking at the entries of the top 5, click on each cosplay name to be redirected to the blog post dedicated to their entry!

  1. Emma Sistek: Wicked Lady from Sailor Moon
  2. Tiffany Witcher: Karma from League of Legends
  3. Alexis To: Luka Macken from Kuroshitsuji II
  4. Stephanie Obele: Terra from Final Fantasy VI
  5. Rhiannon Kuhr: Hit Girl from Kickass
    That’s all for now folks! We’ll be uploading blogs for all of our entries in the coming weeks! We’ll also be announcing our Christmas contest soon, so please stay tuned!
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