Isabelle from Animal Crossing

Cosplay made by: Sierra Boake (Nickname: Among Bobbins and Thread)
Cosplay worn by: Alex

Epic Cosplay wig: Aura in Butterscotch Blonde

Character: Isabelle (gijinka version) from Animal Crossing
Series: Animal Crossing

Photographer: Mike Kowalek

This wig was a joint effort between myself and my sister. I sectioned off the top of the wig to be pulled into a loose bun. Then I removed wefts from the back and used them to cover the gap I had created where the hair parted around the crown of the wig. I trimmed the bottom and bangs to frame her face nicely, then sewed on the plush dog ears I had made. Using school glue I fixed the ponytail in place at the top. Then my sister used brown ink to give the tip of the ponytail a gradient. Using more glue and tons of hairspray I arranged the bun how I wanted. Then I added the red ribbon and bells to complete the hairstyle! Cute! ;D

Butterscotch blonde was a perfect colour for the character; not too platinum, not too yellow!

I have been using EpicCosplay wigs for a few years now and have always been extremely pleased with the colour and quality! Also I appreciate that epiccosplay doesn’t charge an arm and a leg to ship to Canada. I look forward to buying more great wigs in the future! ;D

animal-crossing-isabelle-cosplay-wig-2 animal-crossing-isabelle-cosplay-wig-1

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