Kei from Dirty Pair Flash

Name: befu of verssenwerks

Epic Cosplay Wigs: Aphrodite in Rich Butterscotch Blonde & Aphrodite in Autumn Orange

This wig made me learn a lot of things. First off, I cut out the bangs from the wigs, sewed the yellow bangs into the orange wig, added in extra wefts from the orange wig to help cover things where they met (due to how it would be styled), and spent many an hour trying to figure out how to make 90s space hair exist. It was my first time doing such a extreme styled wig, but it turned out for the most part. While not styled in an exact replica of Kei’s hair, it gets the idea across. Now I know more about how to style wigs and such! I was just grateful that the back was super easy to style since it was already designed to be spikeable!

Photography: All photos by Nude Carbon Studios, courtesy of X-Geek.

kei-dirty-pair-flash-cosplay-1 kei-dirty-pair-flash-cosplay-2 kei-dirty-pair-flash-cosplay-3 kei-dirty-pair-flash-cosplay-4

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