Lily Evans from Harry Potter

Name: Rogue Fayye

Epic Cosplay wig: Hestia in Copper Red

I once had a long wig a long time ago and it tangled very quickly and soon became unusable, so I was pretty nervous putting down $35 on a new wig, but I had nothing to fear! Epic Cosplay wigs are amazing; I wore this wig for MISTI-Con, a Harry Potter convention, for three days in a row with minimal brushing and care, including a dance party with lots of jumping up and down, and it was super easy to untangle and comb out afterwards, and still looks as good as new. The only styling I did was clip the bangs out of my face since the style was pretty much perfect and I was too scared to mess up the bangs to attempt cutting them.

Photographer: The Enthusiasts

lily-evans-harry-potter-cosplay-wig-1 lily-evans-harry-potter-cosplay-wig-2 lily-evans-harry-potter-cosplay-wig-3

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