Moka Akashiya of Rosario + Vampire

Name: Beryl (DanteIsAGenius) –

Epic Cosplay Wig: Persephone in Princess Pink

Styling Information: I really didn’t do much to it but trim it up a little, and add some layers so that it wouldn’t tangle so much. (It didn’t really tangle much to begin with… but I MAY have been attacked by a tree during a photoshoot… -.-‘ ) But I LOVE this wig, and the color is so unnaturally natural looking!

Moka-Akashiya-Rosario-Vampire-cosplay-wig-1 Moka-Akashiya-Rosario-Vampire-cosplay-wig-2 Moka-Akashiya-Rosario-Vampire-cosplay-wig-3

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