Pixel Magus as Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians

Pixel Magus
Pixel Magus

EpicCosplay Wig:  Hermes in Silvery Grey

EpicCosplay commentary: 

Cosplayer Pixel Magus is showing us how simple cosplay can be and how effective it really is while cosplaying as Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians! Thank you Pixel Magus for reminding us that even the most simple cosplay can leave a lasting impression! Our Hermes in Silvery Grey looks like it belongs on your head permanently!

While nothing is super special about the costume I did try to add as much details as possible to dying my hoodie and coffee dying my pants to adding the light frost details as well. The staffing is pvc pipes and covered with a paper mache-mesh. However, I did shoot photos twice in the snow. As for the wig, I picked out a Hermes wig. I really like how well this wig spiked for this character. Worn this cosplay to Anime Detour, Anime Central, and Daisho Con. Photos via Blue Tie Designs and Nude Carbon Studios.





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