Poliwrath Gijinka

Check out this amazing Poliwrath gijinka cosplay submitted by cosplayer Angie Kim! Pokemon is a classic game series, anime and manga. From the main characters to the NPCs to the creatures themselves there are so many options to create your own Pokemon cosplay, especially as more content is added to the series.

Angie designed the gijinka concept herself, taking inspiration from Poliwrath’s original design to create a cute white and blue cosplay, topping it off with one of our Rhea clip sets to complete her take on this Pokemon. The curly clip set fits perfectly for this water Pokemon. Poliwrath is a swimmer and it’s habitat is in the ocean so the soft curls and waves really compliment Poliwrath’s typical home. Combined with the classic belly swirl it really does tie the gijinka’s theme in to the original design and makes it easy to figure out the age old question. WHO IS THAT POKEMON!?

This cosplay was a submission for our Pokemon Gijinka contest. Make sure to check out the other entrants here!


Pokemon Gijinka Contest Submission

Name: Angie Kim

Photo by: Instaxhype

Concept Design by: Angie Kim

Costume: Poliwrath Gijinka

EpicCosplay WigRhea in Blue Black Fusion





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