Ponytail Clip-ons

Wondering how our ponytail clip ons attach to a wig? They use a claw clip to grab the wig fibers!

Using an alligator clip, our ponytail clip-ons grip a wig’s wefting and fibers and will stay in place all day when attached correctly.
Simply squeeze the clip to open it, and attach the ponytail to a wig. You can create ponytail and pigtail styles with these! Our pre-styled ponytail wig can also be used in conjunction with these clip ons.

If you wish to use these as falls without the clip, it is possible to remove the clip. Carefully remove the spring mechanism from inside the alligator clip and pull the fall off the teeth of the clip. The clip may be destroyed in the process, but you will have a usable fall that can be attached to a wig with bobby pins or sewn in place.


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