Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill La Kill

Name: Hikaru Cosplay

Epic Cosplay wig: Aura in Classic White

I styled this wig by separating the hair on both sides to the netting, and gluing in the pieces of holographic foam poster board that I drew and cut out. Then, I glued some strands of hair to the top of those pieces. I also chopped up the back, cut the front, and cut the bangs as well. I added got2be to the bangs and back in order to keep the shape. No wefts were used. The best part of the holographic poster board is that the light reflects off of it beautifully when it moves. But camera flashes can be a little dangerous!

Photographer: Vicious Victor’s Photography

ragyo-kiryuin-kill-la-kill-cosplay-wig-3 ragyo-kiryuin-kill-la-kill-cosplay-wig-5ragyo-kiryuin-kill-la-kill-cosplay-wig-1

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