Rhys from Tales from the Borderlands

Name: Labinnak

Epic Cosplay Wig: Helen in Light Brown

This was our first time styling a wig to have a male look…. also our first experience with lace fronts and we must admit we were super pleased with the product we purchased! The hairline from the lace front looked super natural so it worked perfectly for Rhys’s slicked back look! As for the length of the hair… we obviously did a lot cutting to get Rhys’s short boyish look. You may ask, “why didn’t you get a super short male wig?” Well its because we wanted a wig that had a lot of hair to play with to get the perfect look and we knew Epic Cosplay could deliver on that! Lastly we used Got2B Freeze Gel to slick the hair back and TADA… it was finished! ***Also in the game Rhys’s partner in crime Fiona makes a sarcastic remark (“Nice Haircut!”) and he shouts back “It IS a nice haircut!” So you bet that whenever someone said something about the wig we would say the same phrase back! Also the female character in pictures with Rhys is Fiona who is also wearing an Epic Cosplay wig (read about it here) *We seriously can’t get enough EPIC COSPLAY WIGS!*

Picture 1: DL Photography
Picture 2 and 3: Dinosaur Photography

rhys-takes-from-the-borderlands-cosplay-wig-1 rhys-takes-from-the-borderlands-cosplay-wig-2 rhys-takes-from-the-borderlands-cosplay-wig-3

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