Show Us Your Moves: Ashton cosplays as an adorable lolita!

Ashton sent us a Show Us Your Moves entry of her lolita outfit! She used our Hestia Wig in Princess Dark Pink along with our 20″ Curly Clipon Ponytails in Princess Dark Pink. Check out her story below!

Hello Epic Cosplay! My name is Ashton. I bought my very first wig from your store and absolutely loved it so much that I wanted to share!

My wig is two parts, the Hestia wig in dark pink as well as two pigtails bought seperately in the same color.
I’m almost brand new to cosplay, but I do enjoy Lolita which is what I use my wig for. I’ve been interested in both cosplay and Lolita for maybe 5 years, but I wasn’t brave enough (or rich enough! XD) to try it until very recently.
Over this past summer of 2012, I went to San Diego Comic-Con. There was an Epic Cosplay booth there, where I bought my wig in person and wore it right away. I cannot get enough of this wig, I wish I could wear it everyday!
About my outfit, though, it is Lolita. I’ve adored Lolita fashion for years but never had the money to wear it. Just about a year ago, I received the dress in the image as a gift. After that first dress, I couldn’t stop! I just love the feeling I get when dressing up like a princess.
I do some cosplay as well, just not as often. I do hope to start some cosplays soon though. =) I would love to cosplay Madoka!
Since buying this wig, I have bought several other wigs from different stores. Among all of them, though, my Epic Cosplay wig is by far my favorite in quality and color! The wig is so thick and soft. It stays in place and is easy to care for. After trying other stores, I realized that I need to come back to Epic Cosplay for future wigs! The other wigs were a disappointment compared to this one. Thank you guys for making such awesome wigs and can’t wait to buy more soon!
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