Show Us Your Moves Submission: Ashley cosplays as Holo

Ashley (Orah’s Cosplay) sent us an EPIC submission of her Holo cosplay from Spice and Wolf! She utilized our Athena wig in Cocoa Brown, or Persephone (straight) Check out her pictures and stories below!

holo spice and wolf cosplay

I have gained permission to submit this from the photographer as long as the watermark is not removed.

Wig used: 40″ Cocoa Brown Curly Wavy Long Cosplay Wig
Character: Holo
Series: Spice and Wolf
Photographer: Angelwing
How wig was styled

I straightened it with a flat iron and then cut the bangs to frame my face.


Hiya! My name is Ashley also known as Orah’s Cosplay!

I am currently 17 and I am a USA cosplayer YAY!!!!

I recently got into cosplay one year ago because I fell in love with making costumes. I loved challenges and learning, and cosplaying was a prefect outlet for my artist needs. Holo is my sixth cosplay I have done, and one of my all time favorites. My favorite part about cosplaying is making new friends! I love meeting new people and seeing how they made there cosplay.

I used a 40″ Cocoa Brown Curly wig. It was the only wig that I could find that was prefect for her brown/slight orange hair color. I then straightened it out with a straightener and cut the bangs slowly so that they would hit right under my eyebrow. It loved that the wig was layered because it made it all the more easier to brush it out in-between photos.

I came to cosplay Holo because a friend really wanted me to! So this complete cosplay from head to toe was made in 2 weeks! I love Holo’s personality so it was rather easy for me to cosplay her and be in character. Plus it was super comfy in 110+ weather in Texas. Even though I was drenched in sweat by the end of the day! The most difficult part of this cosplay was finding the right shoes to go with it. I was lucky enough to find a exact pair of her’s at salvation army!

There are MANY wonderful things about EpicCosplay Wigs. I personally love them for making there wigs easy to brush through and thick! I also love how I can apply a straightener and it doesn’t melt the fibers.

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