Show Us Your Moves: xXSnowFrostXx cosplays as Fai!

We have another entry for our Show Us Your Moves Contest!  We have xXSnowFrostXx as Fai from the Tsubasa Chronicles series!  She used our Aura Wig in Natural Blonde for her cosplay to help enhance her Fai cosplay!  Take a look at her cosplay and read on to see more about her and her cosplay!

-What got you into cosplay?
back in 2008, my friend got me hooked on anime and also in cosplay groups like fightingdreamerspro and the two of us talked about possibly doing stuff like this and how cool it was and then in 2009 i met my cosplay partner and her grandmother was a seamstress so the two of us had our first costumes tailored and we went to our first con together. After that, I was really hooked and I learned that lots of people made their costumes and I really wanted to try it and now thats what I do.- How long have you been cosplaying?
Since 2009, so around 3 1/2 years- Were there any particular reasons you selected this character?
my cosplay partner was obsessed with Tsubasa Chronicles so I started watching the show and aside from really liking the series, I just felt like I really identified with Fai’s character. I love comedic characters and he also had a very sad and heart wrenching story so I just fell in love with him immediately. He’s probably my most beloved character and the designs that CLAMP came up for him are all so beautiful so I just love to make his costumes and wear them
– What would you consider the most difficult part of this costume?
I would say this costume was just hard in general for me since something about each part was new. It took me a good 2 years of planning and failure to make it. I’ve made the big coat 3 times and his staff 2 times. It was my first time dealing with fur and doing appliqué and i had to buy and learn to use a wood machine to make his staff a 2nd time since styrofoam wasnt strong enough the first time and the top piece broke after taking a fall. The back design had to be carefully done since you can’t see all of it in the picture so it was a struggle the whole way through.- What cosplay would you like to do in the future?
I wouldn’t say there is a dead set one since I feel like as I keep learning, certain things just become easier and also since fai was my dream cosplay until i actually finished him. But currently, it is more Fai. I think the ultimate dream would be to do all his costumes with the main one being his blue and gold costume that is paired with a kurogane in the artbook
– What’s your favorite part about cosplaying?
My favorite part about cosplaying is the learning experience. I’ve learned so many new and weird things and my knowledge of things just keep on growing. Just in these 3 years alone ive learned to sew, used a bunch of random power tools, paint, cast resin, style wigs, and act and with each new costume, i learn something new and its just very exciting for me. The best part about it really is when new cosplayers or just my friends ask me about tips on doing something or making something i can share it with them and I just like how they would bother asking me for advice:)
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