Show Us Your Moves: Akakioga Cosplays Silica from Sword Art Online!

Name: Akakioga

Facebook: CosplayBeat

Style and Color: Chronos in Walnut Brown and 2 Clip Ons (color discontinued. May consider light brown)

Character: Silica from Sword Art Online

“The base was perfect when I first got it. All I did was trim the bangs a bit and used got-2-b glue in order to keep it in its place. The ponytails were the hardest part to figure out. I bought two bangles to use as her hair accessories. The tricky part was to fit the ponytails into the bangles. So I had to take out the big clips that the ponytails came with and replaced them with smaller ones I bought from the store. I clipped on the ponytails to the base and sent the hair through the bangles until they attached to the sides of my head. Once I got them where I wanted; I then cut the long ponytails to the style of the character. With the bangles where they are, it looks like the clips were apart of the wig to begin with 🙂
Epic wigs are really easy to manage. I had no problems styling this wig as well as many others I have bought from them. :)”

Photographer: EurobeatKasumi and WJS Cosplay

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