Show Us Your Moves: Befu Cosplays Xianghua from Soul Calibur!

Name: befu
Style and Color: Theia in Dark Brown and short Dark Brown wefts
Character: Xianghua from Soul Calibur III (Alternate Outfit)
“At the time I couldn’t find a shorter wig to fit my needs, so I had to chop a good 8-9” off of my wig. I added dark brown wefts at the sides of the wig since I needed to pull it back into a half ponytail. This was my first attempt at ponytail stubbing a wig (since I needed to add in the bun cover and “bronze” pieces) which went well…interestingly. I screwed up a bit, but ended up making it work by sewing the wefts together/in place. Learned a lot from it. The bangs were trimmed and curled, the back was trimmed and curled. It was nice being able to just use a curling iron and not worry too much about melting the fibers.  Just curl, spray, and repeat!”

Photography: Z-Space, Vontography

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