Show Us Your Moves: Beth Cosplays as Black Widow from The Avengers!

Name: Beth Hamilton

Tumblr: widows-bite

Twitter: notthehawkguy

Style and Color: Hestia in Dark Red

Character: Black Widow (Avengers Movie Version)

Photo Credit: Ashley Kendrick Photography

“I love my EpicCosplay wig! The day before I wore this costume to Anime Saint Louis I had dyed my hair bright red to do this costume. But then walking into the dealer’s room the epic cosplay booth immediately caught my eye. After talking to the associates at the booth and trying on the wig I knew I had to have this wig to complete my costume. The next day of the con my costume was a HUGE success and I’m pretty sure it was thanks to Epic Cosplay because my wig certainly completed the look. Also after cosplaying for four years and buying multiple wigs just for this costume alone, I have never been as satisfied with one as I am with this one. I plan on purchasing many more epic cosplay wigs in the future. Thanks EpicCosplay! Keep up the good work!”

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