SUYM: Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening

No longer under the guise of Marth, Lucina is here! Weather you loved her, or her male disguise, in the Fire Emblem franchise itself or her appearances in Super Smash Bros. this brave and true swordswoman is here to protect and defend. No mater which version of her you cosplay, from base class Lord to Bride, we have the wigs to help you complete the look.

Maobao chose to do Lucina’s standard Lord class appearance and our Nyx in Blue Black Fusion was the perfect fit. This wig would work for basically all of Lucina’s various classes, and you could even simply ponytail or braid the wig and hide the length under your armor or cape if you also wanted to use it for Marth and not purchase another wig! Just be sure to carefully brush and care for it after.

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Name: Maobao

Photos by:  Tomestorung Photography (retouching by Maobao)

Costume: Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening

Epic Cosplay wig: Nyx in Blue Black Fusion

“The fibers are extremely silky and tangle resistant making this wig a pleasure to wear. It’s also extremely thick! I changed the direction of the bangs using a hair straightener and trimmed the bangs and sides to match the character.”

Luncina from Fire Emblem: Awakening

Luncina from Fire Emblem: Awakening

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