SUYM: Sister of Battle Canoness from Warhammer 40k

Name: Erin of the Foam Corps

Epic Cosplay wig: Selene in Classic White

Character: Sister of Battle canoness from Warhammer 40k

“I really didn’t need to do anything to the wig for the look I wanted! The Sisters generally have very blunt-cut bangs but I wanted a sleeker look to offset the huge armor a little. I love the texture of the wig, even the pure white looks and feels very natural. I’ve actually worn it out of costume as well because it’s just so pretty!”

Photo by Nude Carbon Studio (2) Photo by Vontography Photo by Nude Carbon Studio (1)

Photo Credits

1st pic: Break Point Z
2nd pic: Nude Carbon Studio
3rd pic: Vontography
4th pic: Nude Carbon Studio

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