Tsumugi Shirogane – Danganronpa V3




8C823B7C-D861-4535-9EAB-607C5565C089.jpeg46E7FF30-0F76-4104-941E-43C91C39737C.jpegThis was just a makeup/costume test; I sewed the skirt for months and just finished it before I put it on in this photo! I’ll be wearing this cosplay at DCC 2019 on Days 1 and 3.

I actually saw this wig style and color while looking for a wig for another character around 2 years ago. It absolutely fit Tsumugi Shirogane perfectly and I took a screenshot and posted it to my Instagram saying that if anyone wanted to cosplay her, this wig was 100% perfect. The bands, the length, the curls, it was amazing! Eventually, no one went for it, so I did, and I certainly don’t regret it! So thank you dearly for the amazing inspiration and wig; there really is no wig shop as great as you guys!



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