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EpicCosplay Wig: Nyx in Midnight Blue for Umi Sonoda cosplay

Nyx in Midnight Blue

This fun Umi Sonoda cosplay shows the lyricist of idol group µ’s dressed ready for a cheer-themed performance. Love Live fans know Umi as a shy and modest character, whose talent and underlying warmth make her a favorite with so many.

Featured cosplayer Caroline Renee describes the construction of this fantastic Umi Sonoda cosplay below. Then, keep reading to learn more about the wig – the Nyx wig available right here from Epic Cosplay.

Cosplays worn at AX 2018. Purchased from Bonanza- love live! cosplay costumes.

Pompoms- Walmart

Headphones- Target. Covered with glitter craft foam.

Both wigs are from Epic Cosplay

Umi Sonoda Cosplay Wig Details

A visual trademark that makes this character so recognizable is the long, dark, and elegant hairstyle. In fact, the very first Love Live fan book listed those impressive locks as her main charm point. Caroline Renee chose the Nyx wig from Epic Cosplay as the base for this design. With very little modification, the Nyx became a super accurate part of this Umi Sonoda cosplay.

Nyx is a long straight wig with very versatile features. It measures 28 inches in length straight from the package. The bangs are pre-trimmed to six inches. Of course, this Umi Sonoda cosplay required a small trim to capture the character’s style.

In the official art, Umi’s bangs are sectioned with the middle part hanging down. Nyx features a unique skintop front that accommodates unique part styles just like this. Simply apply a little bit of heat to adjust the part on your own Nyx wig. Nyx can withstand heat up to 350-410 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Midnight Blue color is a perfect match for an Umi Sonoda cosplay. But if you have a different character in mind, Epic Cosplay offers the Nyx in a huge variety of options – many shades of every color in the rainbow. Epic Cosplay also offers matching extensions, both weft and clip-in styles.

Umi Sonoda cosplay

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